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Group Picture 2019
group picture 2019

Dear boss – Happy Birthday !!! All the best – we hope you have a great day and you like our ‚Happy Birthday‘ photo and the present for you 😀

NEWS: Great success for the members of the Jux group: 2 poster prizes awarded at the 5th Erlangen Symposium on Synthetic Carbon Allotropes for Helen Hölzel/Dominik Lungerich (joint presenting authors) and Max Martin! Congrats also to Christian Heide receiving the third poster award.

Poster prize group picture
poster prize group picture (left to right: Prof. Andreas Hirsch, Max Martin, Helen Hölzel, Prof. Marcin Stepien, Prof. Michael Haley, Dr. Dominik Lungerich, Prof. Jean-Francois Nierengarten, Christian Heide, Prof. John Anthony)